Podcast 24: Speak Ez Hops on! James Harden Trade Soon? Clippers Caught Tampering! KD Looks Healthy!

EZ from Speak EZ Sports hops on to talk everything basketball today!

Give him a look and help my guy get to 1K subs! Speak EZ Sports link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyZ3Y5eUUgAT5y1NuMQJ4LQ

We talk about Rudy Gobert getting a BAG to stay with the Utah Jazz! Does he deserve a supermax? The James Harden era in Houston may be ending soon, where will he land? Will Harden be able to buy in on a new team or will he expect them to buy into his system? Are the Brooklyn Nets the real deal? Kevin Durant and the Nets shock everyone in the preseason. Could the Warriors make a splash this season? The Clippers find themselves in more controversy, this time it’s Jerry West! Will this tampering hurt the team? Could Luka and the Mavericks be the real deal next year? Will the Lakers repeat as champs, or will a new champion rise?

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