Quinn Cook and the “Crooked Smile”

Quinn Cook is one of my favorite players in the NBA. I saw him live when he went off against the Kings. I remember going crazy seeing him hit shot after shot in the first quarter. Although the Warriors would lose this game, seeing Cook go for 25 points live was such a great feeling. I knew his story and where he came from so it made it that much better. He had always been a player for me to watch, but he never got the chance to actually play. He was cut numerous times but he never let it get to him. He stayed resilient and stayed true to himself. He and many others knew he deserved a spot on an NBA roster. It might’ve taken an injury to Stephen Curry, but he showed exactly why he deserved it by taking advantage of the time he was given. From that Sacramento game, Cook would go onto average 17.1 points per game. He did what he could to emulate the production that Curry showed and in my opinion, he did phenomenally. No one thought he could fit his shoes, but he did. Quinn Cook has always been doubted. That has always been the problem.

Cook has an amazing story that should inspire kids everywhere to keep fighting. He went from winning a National Championship with Duke to being an undrafted rookie. Cook would go onto filet the D/G League. He was the rookie of the year in the D League and was an all-star due to Deandre Liggins getting injured. But Cook was a stud in the D League. Year after year he would be signed to a ten-day contract and waived. He never got a chance to show his true talents. He was always cut. The Atlanta Hawks signed Cook to a training camp deal before being waived by them in the 2017 season. He was then signed to the Golden State Warriors on a “Two-Way Contract” in the same offseason. A “Two-Way Contract” is a player that can go down to the G-League and the NBA. They can only spend 45 days in the NBA till it runs out. Cook stayed the same and grilled the competition down there. After Curry went down, Quinn Cook became the starter and he soaked up a lot of the starting point guard minutes. Cook becoming a Warrior also meant he was reunited with his childhood friend, Kevin Durant. They both do their best to work together and make each other better over time.

Quinn Cook has had a turbulent path to the NBA, but he has finally made it. From being waived/cut by numerous teams to becoming an NBA champion. He wasn’t someone that rode the coattails to the championship to get a ring. He played a key role as a player off the bench to create offense and make some shots. J. Cole has a song called “Crooked Smile”, this song sort of mirrors his career. He fought back every time he was pushed down. Quinn Cook was relentless and no matter how many times he was cut, he found his way back and he proved why he belongs in the NBA. Quinn Cook didn’t have the perfect path to the NBA, but it was his path.

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