Demarcus Cousins “Bada Bing, Bada Boom”

Demarcus Cousins, the Golden State Warriors new starting center. The four-time all-star, the two-time All-NBA second team player, and the one-time All-NBA first team player. He played 48 games last season before tearing his Achilles. Last season he averaged 25.2 points per game, 5.4 assists, and 12.9 rebounds per game. This is the player the Warriors added to their already stacked lineup. They now have a starting lineup of five all-stars. Something that has never been done before. The Warriors are now more frightening than ever before.

The thing that will make this team even scarier, is they will be motivated to get Boogie a ring now. This could be similar to two seasons ago when they were motivated to get Kevin Durant a ring. Everyone knows how that worked for the rest of the NBA. Yes, LeBron James is now a part of the Los Angeles Lakers, but they will be learning how to play together throughout the year. A healthy Boogie will add an automatic scorer to the Warriors, along with toughness that they lack in times. They have a chance to use Boogie when Steph, Klay, KD, and Draymond are resting, and watch Boogie go to work in the post to wreak havoc on opposing defenders.

The key word is healthy. According to SBNation “According to a 2013 medical study that identified 18 players who suffered major Achilles injuries over a 23-year span (1988-2011), seven players never returned to the league. Players who returned missed an average of 56 games and saw their PER decline in their first and second seasons back. A 2015 CBS Sports article found that among 14 players who returned from Achilles injuries since 1992, they averaged fewer minutes while both their field goal and three-point percentages dropped, on average.” An Achilles injury is very serious and as the past shows, it is very uncommon to come back from an injury that serious. Will he return to his old form? We have to see, but a healthy Boogie will be the most frightening roster to ever be assembled in the NBA. In the words of Boogie “Bada Bing, Bada Boom, I’m a Warrior.”

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