Best Options for the Warriors Last Roster Spot

With the NBA training camp now in full-effect, the Warriors have signed various players to training camp deals to find out if they would like to sign a 15th player to the squad. With the recent news about Andrew Wiggins, and his lack of a vaccination, they may be more inclined to sign a wing to spot start, or back-up whoever they choose to start in his place during the 41+ games he would miss. (Plus being if the Warriors were to make the playoffs.) Who might those options be?

Option 1: Avery Bradley

It is safe to say that Avery Bradley is not the same player as he was when he played for the Boston Celtics. After a down season with the Miami Heat and the Houston Rockets, Bradley did have some trouble finding a contract this offseason, hence, why he signed a training camp deal with the Golden State Warriors. But, nonetheless, Bradley still offers a lot on the defensive end, as well as a player that can shoot the ball as well. He did proclaim, “I think I might be the best on-ball defender in the NBA.” Even if this is a stretch, I love the confidence. With his time in Los Angeles on the Lakers, he shot 36.4% from three. He may be a bit undersized, but he could an option to spot-start for Wiggins as he sits out home games, or back-up Otto Porter Jr. as well.

Option 2: Langston Galloway

Another player the Warriors signed to a training camp deal was Langston Galloway. Even with his smaller size, Galloway offers a veteran guard with the ability to shoot the ball. He has always been a steady scorer during his time in the NBA. He would be an interesting addition to the team. The Warriors may be inclined to sign Galloway due to his shooting ability because, ironically, they have definitely lacked in the shooting department over the past couple of seasons without Klay Thompson. But with Avery Bradley, you get shooting and defense, as well as an ability to help facilitate the offense as well.

Option 3: Jordan Bell

Jordan Bell was a player that many were very high on coming out of Oregon during the 2017 NBA Draft. Unfortunately for Bell, his time in the NBA has been anything but consistent. He had a promising rookie season as he averaged, 11.7 points per game on 62.7% from the field, and grabbed 9.2 rebounds a game per 36 minutes. Then what essentially derailed his career, was a candle. Essentially he pranked coach Mike Brown by charging $60 to his room. Brown did not take to this prank kindly, and the organization would suspend Bell for a game. After his two-seasons with the Warriors, Bell would join three other teams, being traded twice and cut three times. With just 35 NBA games over the past two-seasons, could Bell finally find some stability with the Warriors in his second-stint? Maybe. Bell is very familiar with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and coach Steve Kerr. He is also a small-ball center with good speed and good defensive instincts as well. But the Warriors are not in a dire need of a big. I do believe Bell is a long-shot to be signed to the 15th spot because of his past, as well as his lack of consistency but with Wiseman out for the first part of the season, Bell could be an option as well.

Option 4: Keep the roster slot open

This option seems more likely than Jordan Bell getting that slot to be honest. The Warriors are way above the luxury tax and any player they sign, will cost much more than the base value of the contract. The Warriors also want to be aggressive in the buyout market as well. Seeing how last seasons buyout market turned out, there could be some big names who reach agreements to be bought-out as well. We are looking at you Kevin Love. Leaving the slot open leaves the Warriors with a lot of roster flexibility throughout the season as well. If Wiggins does become vaccinated, that gives the Warriors their starting small forward and a player they can lean on, until Klay Thompson returns healthy. The Warriors also have an open two-way slot as well. It is widely thought that Mychal Mulder will get this spot if he clears waivers, but if he does get claimed, Selom Mawugbe, a center on the Warriors D-League team, may get that spot as well.

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