Podcast 56: Rich Paul Sued! Markkanen is on the Move, Rachel Nichols is out, and Stars to be Traded!

In our 56th podcast, Myles, CJ, and I talk about everything that has happened around the NBA over the past week!

Rich Paul is being sued by Nerlens Noel because Noel feels like he missed out on $58 million due to Paul not promoting him enough, as well as not answering key calls to land him larger contracts.

Lauri Markkanen was also traded via sign-and-trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers, was this a good move? To make more for Markkanen, the Cavs sent Larry Nance Jr. to the Portland Trailblazers and the Blazers sent Derrick Jones Jr. to Chicago. The Bulls also received a protected first-round pick from the Trailblazers and a future second-round pick from the Cavs.

With Rachel Nichols being let go and her show “The Jump” being canceled, Stephen A. Smith is becoming the sole face of ESPN. Who could join Smith and his vision of a “Big 3” for a show?

What stars could be traded in the future? We discuss that and more!

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