Podcast 44: Warriors Future Plans, LeBron Breaking Rules, and Jeremy Lin DOESN’T Retire?

In our 44th podcast, CJ and I talk about the Warriors offseason and what it could look like! Will the Warriors make a big splash in free agency, make a blockbuster trade, or run it back with a similar roster + Klay Thompson? With COVID-19 still being a problem all around the world, should LeBron James be punished for attending a party before the NBA play-in game against the Warriors? With the play-in games finished, should they return? Or should the NBA end this experiment?

PSA ON LAST TOPIC: So we made a mistake, Jeremy Lin has NOT retired from the NBA! He announced an hour after we recorded that he was going to continue to work and try and get onto an NBA roster next season. If you make it that far, just take what we say as what we think of Jeremy!

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