One Year of Full Court Talk Special! King of the Hill Basketball Video!

To celebrate one year of doing podcasts, we decided to not to a podcast! We wanted to play some basketball and have some fun playing some King of the Hill with a few familiar faces! We had a lot of fun and we would definitely want to do this again!

Thank you to everyone who came out and helped out in making this video happen! Thank you to John, Bryce, Jeff, Marcus, and CJ for taking time out of their days to ball in the hot sun for this video! Another huge shoutout to the girls for the hilarious confessionals and helping film when the camera malfunctioned! Thank you, Jen, Amanda, and Kindred! Also, as for the confessionals, a HUGE shoutout to Kindred for putting that together and editing that!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support Full Court Talk and everything that we do! CJ and I really appreciate every share, like, and view! We will continue to work hard and we will do our best to grow Full Court Talk into something special!

Love, Full Court Talk’s Daddy (Spencer)

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