Podcast 40: LaMarcus Aldridge Retires, NBA Injuries, Jamal Murray Injury, and More!

In the latest Full Court Talk Podcast, we talk about LaMarcus Aldridge retiring from the NBA due to some heart issues that he experienced over the past week. We talk about if he will be named a Hall-of-Famer one day, as well as talk about his career as a whole. We also talk about the possibility of going back to an NBA game in person and if we would feel safe doing so! The next thing we talked about was the number of injuries that have been piling up so far this season, should the NBA be to blame for this? With Jamal Murray sadly tearing his ACL, what does this mean for the Nuggets? Are they still contenders without him? Dwyane Wade buys a minority stake to own the Utah Jazz! Then we finally talk about the play-in tournament and whether the NBA should even be having it this season.

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