Podcast 33: Jeremy Lin being Disrespected, All-Star Mock Draft, and More!

In our first podcast back from a little break, CJ and I talk about a serious issue that came to light over the past week. Jeremy Lin being called Coronavirus is disgusting and as Asian American’s, we felt the need to discuss this further. We also conducted an All-Star Mock Draft and we both chose teams! Let us know in the comments who had the better team overall! We also talked about the various concerns surrounding the Warriors, as well as the Lakers as well!

I want to personally thank every single person that reached out to me during the tough week we had at Full Court Talk! Thank you for staying with us and just being there by our side when we needed you guys!

Even after the tough month we had, we aren’t stopping here! We are going to continue to push forward and we are going to continue to grow as much as we can!

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