Podcast 30: SexLand is good, Jokic for MVP and Remembering Kobe

In our 30th podcast, CJ, Myles, and I talk about the potential of the Cavaliers and the Knicks! Can they make the playoffs or are they flukes to start the season? Have our Finals predictions changed throughout the first part of the season? Or have the Lakers and the Nets shown enough to solidify them as the teams to reach the Finals? The Nuggets have struggled early on in the season, but Nikola Jokic has arguably kept them afloat. Has Jokic done enough to put him in the MVP conversation?

Starts at 24:50

The second half of our podcast is dedicated to Kobe Bryant. We share our personal stories and memories of Kobe. Kobe was an inspiration to all of us, and we hope he and Gigi are resting in peace.

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