Hot Takes: Stars who could be Traded

These are going to be players that I believe could be on the move this offseason. They either need the change of scenery, or their current team is doubling down on a rebuild and blowing up the team. These players will need to be realistic players to trade. Therefore, John Wall cannot be traded because of his achilles injury. I believe he could be out all of next season. These players won’t be in any specific order. I will give possible trade destinations for them as well.

Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal is one of the brightest young shooting guards in the NBA. He is a terrific scorer and he is becoming a better play maker every year. He has been an all-star for two straight years now and he has become the best player on the Washington Wizards. I am not sure if the Wizards will finally accept the fact they cannot win with their current roster, but the first step is unloading Beal. I would say they need to get rid of Wall too, but they’re screwed with that contract. They are pretty much wasting Bradley Beal at this point. He has been playing so well over the past few seasons and it doesn’t seem like he and John Wall even get along. Since the Wizards were stupid and gave Wall the ridiculous contract, they have to trade Beal instead.

Beal will be a hot commodity for a lot of different teams. I have seen his name linked to the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers would be a… Peculiar team for Beal. Victor Oladipo is not a point guard, Bradley Beal is also not a point guard. They are around the same height, (Beal- 6-5 Oladipo 6-4) so small forward is out of the question. They might be able to get away with running them both at point guard where they could share point guard duties, but I would think the Pacers would much rather take a real point guard instead. I could see the Orlando Magic doubling down on a successful season and trying to trade for Beal. They would resign Nikola Vucevic and then trade for Beal. This does go against what I said in my offseason plan, but this is if they want to try and compete instead of focusing on a rebuild. Beal would offer some much needed shooting to this team, as well as playmaking at the shooting guard position. He is a huge upgrade over Evan Fournier as well. I would see them trading Mohammed Bamba and Evan Fournier. Bradley Beal would be a great person to add to this Magic squad.

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is an aging superstar. At the age of 30, he has many things to think about after another first round exit. 30 might not seem very old for a point guard in the NBA, but as an explosive leaper with multiple knee surgeries, the Oklahoma Thunder need to face the facts. Westbrook’s best days are behind him. He has never had a consistent jump shot and he isn’t as explosive now. He doesn’t get to the free throw line as often because he is settling for jump shots and his shooting percentage has gone down as he shoots 42.8% from the field. Check out my OKC Thunder offseason plan for the in-depth look at Westbrook and his regression.

Westbrook won’t be as popular as Bradley Beal because he is older and he won’t be a free agent till 2023, that is if he accepts his player option. Which he should because he would be walking away from $40+ million dollars. He does have a huge contract, but it isn’t like he doesn’t have anything to offer. He still averaged a triple double this season, which was the third season in a row. That is an amazing thing to accomplish. I believe if you surround him with a team full of shooters, you could see a pretty interesting offense. With that being said, there aren’t a whole lot of point guard needy teams. The Magic come into mind again, but if they want to resign Vucevic, Westbrook won’t be a viable option. The next team that comes to mind are the Phoenix Suns. They have a lot of cap space to work with and they need a point guard. Boom, match made in heaven. He theoretically would fit well with Devin Booker because of his shooting. Westbrook also likes to run a lot of pick and rolls, so Deandre Ayton would be a huge target for him. The Thunder could get Josh Jackson and maybe a future first round pick for Westbrook. Not a whole lot, but better than watching him regress into nothing.

Kevin Love

I remember the old Kevin Love. The Kevin Love that inhaled almost every single rebound and posted up at any chance to score 26 points a game. Then he was traded to Cleveland Cavaliers and has basically become a third fiddle. Love was supposed to take control of this team but unfortunately, on a team with literally nothing in terms of a roster, he was an after thought. Love played just 22 games this season and shot the ball terribly as he made just 38.5% of his shots this season. Love just doesn’t look the same anymore, he is just past his prime as he is 30 years old. Trading Kevin Love might be a difficult task but if Love can get healthy and go back to scoring around the basket, he could be a great asset to a team needing a scorer. He needs to be able to mix up his offense because when he came to the Cav’s, he became a shooter. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving both drive a lot, so having Love clog the lane for a post up was not an option. So he got the Chris Bosh treatment and was stuck in the corner waiting for a kick out. Love wasn’t the best option for the Cav’s, and he isn’t a good fit now.

Kevin Love won’t be extremely popular for similar reasons to Westbrook. He is getting up their in age and he also has a rather large contract. But Love has a lot to offer if he can stay healthy. Kevin Love is still a great rebounder and he is also a decent three point shooter. If he is given more freedom on the offensive side, he will be able to mix it up and play inside and outside. A team that I could see trading for Kevin love, are the Portland Trailblazers. The Blazers desperately need scoring from anyone not named Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum. Rodney Hood has been very good so far in the playoffs, but they need more. Al-Farouq Amino is not the way to go in terms of a starting power forward. Kevin Love gives Lillard and McCollum a third scorer that they definitely need. I could see the Blazers giving up Zach Collins and maybe Maurice Harkless. At this point, the Cav’s are going to take whatever they can get. They aren’t going to get the brinks truck for an aging Love, but they can at least get something back.

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