Top IR Players to Add Right Now

These players will be ones you should use your prized IR (Injury reserve) spot for. An IR spot is a free spot for players with long-term injuries. Your commissioner will put them in so not every league will have them. But they can come in the clutch towards the end of the season when a star gets dropped because of an injury. These players are just numbered, I have no specific ranking order. 

1. Caris LeVert– LeVert had one of the scariest falls this season. He was very lucky to only have a dislocated foot. Rotoworld has him listed as “targeting for February” which is a miracle in my mind. If you had seen the fall, you would feel the same way. It is a shame that it had happened because he was having a breakout season. This is just a setback and I am predicting a huge comeback when he eventually gets back on the floor. Before the injury, he was averaging 18.4 points per game, 4.3 rebounds per game and 47.5% from the field.

2. Kris Dunn– Dunn had played one game before he got injured. He is dealing with a knee injury and Rotoworld has him listed as “Targeting December”. If I was a fantasy owner, and he was a free agent, I would immediately pick him up. He has a tremendous amount of upside because of his situation. The Chicago Bulls are one of the worst teams in the NBA and their point guard situation isn’t much better. Other than Ryan Arcidiacono and Cameron Payne, there are no other point guards worth playing. Cam Payne is barely even worth garbage minutes. Dunn has the potential to have a huge season, pick him up even with no IR spot. 

3. Lauri Markkenen– He hasn’t played this season but his play opened eyes all season long. Rotoworld also has him listed as “Targeting December”. He is going to get playing time because the Bulls should be focused on grooming their young guys. This is a relatively young roster that should be good in a couple years. Markanen averaged 15.2 points per game and 7.5 rebounds per game last season so he has potential to do even more this season. He could get the start over Robin Lopez as well which would help his case a lot for a fantasy pick up. But he is a solid player to add for your fantasy team.

4. Kevin Love– A toe injury has sidelined Love till around January, but this Cavalier team is one of the worst in the East. His production should be something that stays around because of the lack of quality players on this team. Love is a good shooter and a terrific rebounder. On this team, I could see Love playing even better and I think he is a solid add and a player that will put your team above the rest come January. 

5. Demarcus Cousins– Boogie has also not played yet this season but he is slated to come back after Christmas. Boogie is one of the top centers in the NBA. He might not be able to replicate the last season because an Achilles injury is very serious and he is also on a team full of all-stars, but I am pretty sure he will fit in just fine. Boogie should be able to adhere to the team fairly easily. For your fantasy team, Boogie should be a great addition to any team. Especially this early in the season too. 

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