Redraft: The 2013 NBA Draft

The 2013 NBA draft is widely considered one of the worst drafts in NBA history. In this draft alone, there have been two all-stars; Victor Oladipo and Giannis Antetekounmpo. There are a handful of very talented players in this draft, but there were a ton of busts in just the top ten. This was a rough draft for GMs in general because there wasn’t that much talent, to begin with. Let’s begin with the first pick, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers– (Original pick- Anthony Bennett) First overall pick- Giannis Antetekounmpo (I spelled this correctly in one try)

Giannis doesn’t need to be introduced. He is now a household name, two-time all-star, two-time all-NBA team, one-time all-defensive team, and he was the most improved player as well. When the Milwaukee Bucks picked him back in 2013, he was considered a risky pick. More like a high risk, high reward pick. The Bucks have reaped the rewards ever since. They have soared to new heights with Giannis. Cleveland would have been much better with him. Anything would have been better and more productive than Bennett. If there was a redraft, Giannis would definitely be the first pick. I didn’t need to justify this pick, Giannis’s game speaks for itself.

2. Orlando Magic– (Original pick- Victor Oladipo) Second overall pick- Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo took a while to get going in his career, but he fell to a terrible franchise. Unfortunately, he falls to them once again. Let’s focus on the positives though, Victor Oladipo was an all-star last season, all-NBA team, all-defensive team, most improved player, all-rookie team and the steals leader as well last season. Oladipo enjoyed a great season with the Pacers and that is what helped him thrive into the second pick again. In his first four seasons, he was in hard situations. He played well in Orlando, but that team was bad every season. In Oklahoma, he was the second fiddle to Russell Westbrook. He has said that it is nervewracking because you get no credit. When you lose games its because Russ has no help, but when you win, Russ was the reason. Oladipo was in the wrong situation. Indiana offered him a leader role, and to be the number one scorer. He proved this last season, he will be a perennial all-star.

3. Washington Wizards– (Original pick- Otto Porter) Third overall pick- Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert sees the biggest jumps in the redraft. Gobert is an unstoppable defensive force in the paint. His long arms are unmatched at the center position and his defensive instincts alone are what helped him make this jump. He would fit perfectly with the Washington Wizards because John Wall and Bradley Beal would be able to take a bulk of the shots and the defense would be anchored by Gobert. He is a defensive player of the year, two-time all-defensive team, blocks leader and a part of an all-NBA team. Gobert doesn’t need to be justified because Gobert is the defensive monster. He falls to three in this case because Oladipo is able to lead a team to the playoffs while Gobert just doesn’t have the offense capable of doing so.

4. Charlotte Bobcats (Hornets now)– (Original pick- Cody Zeller) Fourth overall pick- CJ McCollum

McCollum and Kemba Walker would be a nightmare for defenses night in, and night out. They would also have offenses salivating to attack because both of the guards are not the good defenders. So McCollum would be in a similar situation as now because of the lack of defense from the guard position. But that wouldn’t stop the Bobcats from making this pick. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist could handle the wings on defense and Bismack Biyomba could hold his own on defense as well. This team in no way, shape or form would be a playoff contender, but it would be a building block. McCollum was a most improved player as well and because of the number of all-star guards in the West, he hasn’t been an all-star yet. If you have ever watched him play, you know this guy is a bucket getter. That is what helps CJ jump to the fourth overall pick.

5. Phoenix Suns– (Original pick- Alex Len) Fifth overall pick- Steven Adams

Steven Adams enjoys a nice bump up strictly because of the situation. Steven Adams isn’t an all-star, or and all-NBA player, but he is an enforcer and a great defensive player. He rebounds at a decent rate for a center, but his playstyle would fit the Suns well. He offers a strong rebounder, good finisher, doesn’t foul at an alarming rate and doesn’t need to score to make an impact. With Dragic and Bledsoe at the point and shooting guard, you have a fast break running team and Adams is capable of running the break with the team. He can also start fast breaks and he offers a tough-minded center that will make any team better.

6. New Orleans Pelicans– (Original Pick- Nerlens Noel) Sixth overall pick- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is an interesting player. He is a typical three and D type player. He shoots threes at a decent clip and defends multiple positions. New Orleans might not need him because they already have Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon, but he does offer something those two don’t have, which is defense. Also, Tyreke is a good enough playmaker to play some point guard, Gordon at the shooting guard and KCP at the small forward. Let’s pretend they actually keep their pick and they don’t trade for Jrue Holiday. Their need of a point guard is apparent, but this draft doesn’t have any quality point guards other than Dennis Schroder or Michael Carter-Williams. Schroder would be too early of a pick her and MCW and his injury history will scare teams this time around. KCP offers instant production and a solid pick for the Pelicans and Anthony Davis gets some more quality help.

7. Sacramento Kings– (Original pick- Ben McLemore) Seventh overall pick- Tim Hardaway Jr.

Tim Hardaway Jr. would see one of the biggest jumps. He gets picked so high because of the Kings need for a dynamic shooting guard. Ben McLemore was supposed to be the one filling this role but he never panned out. Hardaway Jr. is a decent shooter but like McCollum, he is a bucket getter. His father is a former NBA star, Tim Hardaway. I am not sure what happened, but Jr. is six inches taller than his father. Tim Hardaway Jr. has carved out a nice little niche in his time in the NBA. His role is to score the ball, whether he is coming off the bench or if he starts. He just offers Sacramento an outside bucket getter to pair along with Isaiah Thomas, Rudy Gay, and Demarcus Cousins. Of course, there was always Otto Porter, but I feel like Tim Hardaway would be a great scorer that would benefit Sacramento.

8. Detroit Pistons– (Original pick- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope) Eighth overall pick- Otto Porter

Otto Porter falls because of the other teams need at the small forward position or the other teams wanted to focus on different positions. Otto Porter has gotten better every season so far. He has seen nearly every stat go up and his field goal percentage also has gone up. Porter is your typical catch and shoot shooter and an average defender. The Pistons were a mess back in 2013. On paper, they were supposed to be a solid team with Brandon Jennings at the point, Josh Smith at the small forward, Greg Monroe at the power forward, and Andre Drummond at the center. A solid team on paper, but Josh Smith isn’t a small forward and Greg Monroe isn’t a power forward. Other than some players playing out of position, they didn’t have spacing because of Monroe, Drummond, and Smith clogging the paint. At least Otto Porter at the small forward and Smith at the power forward you’d have some spacing. This isn’t the ideal pick, but they are picking the best available player here. Pistons are still a mess of a team.

9. Minnesota Timberwolves– (Original pick- Trey Burke) Ninth overall pick- Dennis Schroder

Dennis Schroder to the Timberwolves is the beginning of the end for Ricky Rubio. As good as Rubio was with the Timberwolves. Schroder offers a high energy guard that is able to control the tempo and he is able to score in the paint. Schroder isn’t the best point guard in the league but he is a good role player and on some teams, a reliable starter. I believe he also is a better fit because of Rubio’s lack of shooting. Schroder isn’t much better, but he is marginally better. He still offers playmaking along with scoring as well. Schroder would fit the Timberwolves offense much better in the end.

10. Portland Trailblazers– (Original pick- CJ McCollum) Tenth overall pick- Nerlens Noel

Nerlens Noel could have been much better. He never really lived up to the expectations that followed him after the draft. In this redraft, Nerlens would fall to the tenth overall pick. I believe that the Trailblazers would benefit from a defense-first center. Robin Lopez was good here in Portland, but Nerlens would offer a nice starting lineup with LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum, Wesely Matthews, and Damian Lillard. This was a good Portland team, maybe the defense, lob-catching big man would have been a solid pick here. Nerlens would also have a better situation where he wouldn’t be depended on right away to contribute on offense.

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